The history of the Convent of Einsiedeln (Kloster Einsiedeln) in Switzerland dates back to the 10th century, when the small Swiss town became popular for its devotion to the Virgin Mary and simultaneously for the importance of the Benedictine monastery that had been established there.

The statue of the Black Madonna with the Infant Jesus, which is preserved in the Monastery, was placed in the chapel much later, around the 15th century, and can be seen as symbol of the need of the centrality of Jesus in man’s life. In the same way as Mary loved Her Son with her whole soul and heart, we also have to look for His love and be testimonies of our faith in Him.

St Josemaria in Einsiedeln

The shrine has an important place in the life of St Josemaria and the history of Opus Dei.

He first went there in 1955, and the second General Congress of Opus Dei was held nearby the shrine the following year, 1956.