Maria Schutz

Shrine of Maria Schutz, Schottwien, Austria

The Shrine of Maria Schutz in the area of Semmeringgebiet, in Schottwien (Austria) is one of the places where the Virgin Mary has brought comfort and help to many pilgrims in the past and today. In 1679, at the time of the plague epidemic in Schottwien, many were healed by the Holy water of the fountain now located in the Sanctuary, and vowed to build a chapel. In the 18th century, the chapel was named by the Franciscan father Benignus “Maria Schutz”, giving birth to the place that has become today one of the most important Austrian sanctuaries, visited by countless pilgrims who look for spiritual comfort and healing. At Maria Schutz each pilgrimage is an act of entrustment to the Virgin Mary, one that asks for consolation and redemption in times of struggle and difficulty.