Sycamore Film Series


The Sycamore films help you explore the Christian faith and its relevance for life today. They are presented by Fr Stephen Wang, a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Westminster. They include testimonies and street interviews about the challenges of living out the faith. Discussion questions are built into the films to get you thinking.

The ten 20-minute films will help enquirers who are curious about what Christians believe. They are beautifully produced on location around the UK, and they avoid religious jargon and make the faith accessible to ordinary people. But they will also help committed Christians deepen their faith and learn about the riches of the Christian tradition.

Why the name “Sycamore”? In the bible, Jesus comes to the town of Jericho. A man called Zacchaeus is so curious about Jesus that he climbs a Sycamore tree to get a better view. When he finally meets him, they begin a conversation, and his life is changed forever.

Sycamore was originally designed for groups to use in parishes and chaplaincies, which is why there are “Pauses for Discussion” built into the films. But the films will be equally helpful for individuals watching at home.

If you want to know how you could use the Sycamore resources in your parish or chaplaincy, especially for evangelisation and reaching out to those who are not connected with your community, please visit the Sycamore website: