Rosary Marathon Calendar

The Holy Rosary will be prayed each day at 6pm (Rome time), and broadcast on the Vatican YouTube channel.

May 1:

Saint Peter’s (Vatican): Prayer for wounded humanity led by the Pope.

May 1: 6pm (UK time)

Our Lady of Walsingham (England): Prayer for the deceased.

May 2:

Jesus the Savior and Mother Mary Sanctuary (Nigeria): Prayer for those who could not say goodbye to their loved ones.

May 3:

Czestochowa Shrine (Poland): Prayer for the sick.

May 4:

Basilica of the Annunciation (Holy Land): Prayer for pregnant women.

May 5:

Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary (South Korea): Prayer for children and adolescents.

May 6:

Our Lady of Aparecida (Brazil): Prayer for young people.

May 7:

National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, also known as the Antipolo Cathedral (Philippines): Prayer for families.

May 8:

Our Lady of Luján (Argentina): Prayer for people involved in communication.

May 9:

Our Lady of Loreto (Italy): Prayer for the elderly.

May 10:

Our Lady of Knock (Ireland): Prayer for people with disabilities

May 11:

Notre-Dame de Banneux (Belgium): Prayer for the poor and people in economic difficulty.

May 12:

Notre-Dame d’Afrique (Algeria): Prayer for lonely people who have lost hope

May 13:

Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Holy Rosary (Fatima, Portugal): Prayer for prisoners.

May 14:

Our Lady of Health (India): Prayer for scientists and medical research institutes.

May 15:

Mary Queen of Peace (Bosnia and Herzegovina): Prayer for migrants.

May 16:

St. Mary’s Cathedral (Sydney, Australia): Prayer for victims of violence and trafficking.

May 17:

Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (Washington, D.C., United States): Prayer for those responsible for international organizations.

May 18:

Notre-Dame de Lourdes (France): Prayer for nurses and doctors.

May 19:

Shrine of the House of the Virgin (Meryem Ana, Turkey): Prayer for people at war and peace in the world.

May 20:

Our Lady of Charity of Cobre (Cuba): Prayer for pharmacists and health personnel.

May 21st :

Our Lady of Nagasaki (Japan): Prayer for social workers.

May 22:

Our Lady of Montserrat (Spain): Prayer for volunteers.

May 23:

Our Lady of the Cape (Canada): Prayer for law enforcement, military and firefighters.

May 24:

To be determined

Prayer for those who guarantee essential services.

May 25:

Ta’Pinu National Shrine (Malta): Prayer for teachers, students, and educators.

May 26:

Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico): Prayer for workers and entrepreneurs.

May 27:

Mother of God Pochaevskaya (Ukraine): Prayer for unemployed people.

May 28:

Shrine of Our Lady of Altötting (Germany): Prayer for bishops, priests and deacons

May 29:

Our Lady of Lebanon (Lebanon) Prayer for consecrated persons

May 30:

Virgin of the Holy Rosary of Pompei (Italy): Prayer for the Church

May 31st:

Vatican Gardens (Vatican): Prayer for the end of the pandemic and the return to work